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HEPA/ULPA filters:
for a guaranteed clean air

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In some situations there are extremely high demands on air quality. Here you can think of surgery rooms, cleanrooms or the pharmaceutical industry. Especially for these situations TOPS offers a wide range of HEPA- and ULPA-filters. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air filters; ULPA stands for Ultra Low Penetration Air filter. A HEPA-filter isefficient up to 99.9995%, while a ULPA-filter scores even better with 99,9999%.

Filters of metal, chipboard or synthetic material

HEPA and ULPA filters are made of chipboard, with a filter medium of micro glass fiber paper. The housing is always equipped with a gasket. If preferred, these filters can also be delivered with a completely burnable synthetic housing.

A filter for every application

Every situation is different. Always use the required airflow as a starting point. Based on this, you can choose Low Capacity, Medium Capacity, High Capacity and Ultra High Capacity filter

TOPS delivers HEPA and ULPA filters of filter type E10-U17. Our filters are always tested according to certificates EN1822. Filters are delivered separately, always including a testing certificate.

Do you want more information on HEPA or ULPA filters? Please contact TOPS for more information or a non-binding quote.

General specifications:

  • Filter type according to EN1822:E10-U17
  • Medium:minipleated micro fiber glass paper
  • Frame:Galvanized steel, chipboard or synthetic material
  • Pakking:polyurethane
  • Recommended terminator:600 Pa
  • Maximum continuous temperature:80 degrees Celsius for metal frames, 70 degrees Celsius for chipboard and synthetic frames.
  • Maximum relative humidity:100%
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