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Are you a professional looking for heat recovery filters? At TOPS you are at the right place regarding a wide assortment, knowledge of business and of course good prices. TOPS provides all known brands heat recovery filters and can give you advice in any specific situation.

Lower energy use

Is your company housing equipped with a system for balanced ventilation and heat recovery (WTW)? Then you have the ideal system in place for a healthy and comfortable in house climate. The used air is sucked from the spaces, and at the main time fresh air is provided. The heat from the sucked air is transferred to the fresh air and does not go to waste. This is why a heat recovery system helps you to reduce your energy use.

Efficient at the background

Heat recovery systems provide fresh air, but without the cold air or liquid air stream. Therefore a heat recovery system is mainly effective in the background. Due to the fact that everything suffers from wear and tear, air filters must be replaced after a certain period of time. Do not wait too long with this, for this prevents extra maintenance and insures an optimal inner climate and efficiency.

Non-binding advice

Due to the big supply of air filters there is a great deal of uncertainty about them. Are you looking for non-binding advice, or do you want to order a specific filter at a low price? TOPS is able to deliver almost all standard sizes directly from stock. Non standard sizes can be delivered within 5 working days. Due to big stocks TOPS cooperates a lot of installation companies, housing corporations and owner associations. Individuals can order fast and easy on our webshop.

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