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Filter cloth

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Tops air filters media are made of quality fibers. Every filter medium is progressively build, which results in a high dust collection capacity. TOPS delivers 3 types of filter cloth: Synthetic filter cloth, glass medium (paint collector filters) and PPI filter medium. The last one is a foamed filter medium that is more or less cleanable. The filter types vary from G1 to M6, depending on the type of filter cloth.

Synthetic filter cloth

Synthetic filter cloth is often used as Pre filter in air treatment installations and heat recovery systems, or as a main filter in fancoil units and air-conditioning units. This type of filter cloth can be delivered in types that vary in thickness and filter efficiency. Synthetic filter cloth can be cut according to specific needs.

Glass medium (paint collection filters)

Glass medium (paint stop) is especially designed for use as a part separator in spraying booths. This type of filter has an open, progressive structure of fiber material and guarantees a large collection capacity of separated paint particles. Resistance increases only slightly, even with high pollution. Glass medium is always delivered on a roll.

PPI filter cloth

PPI is a black filter cloth made of foamed polyester. It has a homogeneous, open cellular structure and is suitable for separating coarse dust particles. PPI filter cloth can be delivered in different sizes regarding thickness and cellular size. The cellular size is expressed in micron or in PPI (Pore Per Inch).

The higher the PPI, the denser the structure and the better the filter efficiency. PPI filter cloth is partly cleanable and can therefore be used multiple times.  

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