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Compactfilters in V-shape,
type TOPS V-cel

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To you want to obtain a maximum filter surface in a limited space? The compact filters type TOPS V-cel are strongly pleated, which allows an optimal use of the available space. Smart customers choose compact filters with a synthetic housing with a glued in V shaped filter package. The TOPS V-cel filters are very suitable in situations with a big air flow.

Filters always certified

The compact filters of TOPS are always equipped with a fiber glass paper filter. If preferred, we can also provide you with filters with a synthetic material medium. Please contact us, we are always willing to help you.

TOPS delivers compact filters only in standard sizes of types M6-F9. Good to know: our compact filters reach high percentages of the new classification for air filters: ISO 16890

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 General specifications:

  • Filter type according to EN779:M6-F9
  • Medium:Minipleated fiber glass paper
  • Frame:synthetic material
  • Terminator:250Pa
  • Maximum continuous temperature:70 degreesn Celsius
  • Maximum relative humidity:100%
  • Frame depth:292 mm.
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