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Fiber glass bag filters, Type MG

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The fiber glass bag filter type MG are always equipped with a glass fiber filter cloth and a very solid metal frame. This results in maximum firmness. If wanted, we can also provide you with a wooden frame, which is completely burnable. The corners of the wooden frames are mounted in 45 degrees corners, that means that there are no sharp edges to worry about.

ISO 16890

The envelopes in the bag filters are designed to guarantee an efficient airflow. This contributes to a energy efficient system. The low pressure that is realized in this way, guarantees that the filters reach high percentages according to the ISO 16890 standard. Finally, we seal the stitched outer spacers, in order to prevent leakages.

Short delivery times

Are you using standard sizes of filterclass M6-F9? Then we can supply you directly from stock. For non standard sizes a short delivery time is guaranteed.

Contact us for more information or a non-binding quote.

General specifications:

  • Filter type according to EN779:M6-F9
  • Medium:fiber glass
  • Frame:metal, wood or synthetic material
  • Terminator:250 Pa
  • Maximum continuous temperature:70 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum relative humidity:100%
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