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Bag filters:
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Bag filters are the most commonly used filters in air treatment installations and ventilation systems. Because most people prefer a fiber glass or synthetic filter, TOPS offers a wide range of products in both categories. This enables you to always choose for the best solution regarding your question. On top of this our bag filters are available directly from stock, the synthetic as well as fiber glass.


Both the fiber glass as well as the synthetic bag filters of TOPS meet the certificates EN779:2012. This is the most up-to-date certificates in this field and thus is a criterion for quality. TOPS is very advanced in this, for mainly standard synthetic bag filters do not meet this standard.

Different filter frames

Like in the range of filters TOPS offers a freedom of choice regarding filter frames. You can choose the standard metal frame for optimal firmness, or you can choose for synthetic or wood.

Short delivery times

TOPS delivers all standard sized of filter type G4-F9 directly from stock. Non standard sizes can be delivered within 5 working days.

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