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Activated carbon compact filters

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Powerful carbon filters against odors and gasses

Are you looking for carbon filters or reducing unwanted gasses and odors? With activated carbon compact filters you are choosing for a turnkey solution. The fine filter and odor filter are combined in a compact environment.


The filter medium is composed of pleated synthetical cloth of filterclass F7. Besides this, it is also has a granulate of activated carbon. For the housing a burnable corrosion-resistant synthetic material is used.

Please keep in mind that these carbon filters are not suited for the filtration of extracted air from kitchen installations. In this case we advise you to use carbon cartridges in combination with a separate fiber glass bag filter.

Easy installation

The activated carbon compact filters can be delivered in 3 outer sizes, with a depth of 292 millimeters. Normally these fit in the mounting windows without any alteration. The standard bag filters can also be easily mounted in there. The activated carbon compact filters are always Eurovent-certified.

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General specifications:

  • Filter type according to EN779:F7
  • Medium:Minipleated synthetic with fine activated carbon granules
  • Frame:synthetic material
  • Terminator:250 Pa
  • Maximum continuous temperature:40 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum relative humidity:70%
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