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Carbon cartridges

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The power of carbon

Do you want to separate high concentrations of gasses and odors? Then you should choose carbon cartridges filled with activated carbon. The cartridges exist of perforated steel or synthetic material and are filled with carbon granules. The granules are very effective in separating gasses and odors. For the more persistent issues TOPS also offers impregnated carbon.

Carbon cartridges with chemisorbant

Sometimes pollution is so strong that carbon cartridges nor impregnated carbon leads to a result. For these cases TOPS has one more trick up its sleeve: carbon cartridges with chemisorbant. These purple granules connect to the polluted dust, thereby making it disappear from the airflow. This has proven to be effective in sewer ventilations. Finally, it is also possible to use a blend, a mixture of carbon and chemisorbant.

Easy installation

Carbon cartridges are attached to the mounting frame by a bayonet connection. These frames have standard sizes, which makes the installation easy and quick. The number of possible cartridges depends on the frame.

Start by asking for advice

Keep in mind that the efficiency of the carbon or the chemisorbant is depending on the contact time of the polluted air with the active carbon. The longer the contact time, the better the filter efficiency. Always get the right advice for every approach.

Every type of pollution asks for a specific strategy. Contact us for a custom advice.

General specification:

  • Material patterns: galvanized steel, stainless steel or synthetic material
  • Material mounting frames:galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Maximum temperature carbon:40 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum relative humidity carbon:30-70%
The right filter for every use, that is what it is all about. Please contact us for a custom advice. Send an e-mail
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